Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Union Market On Court Street Moving Along Nicely






The door was wide open at the future Union Market at 288 Court Street today. By the looks of it, the construction is proceeding on time.
Back in September, I was told that the store could be open by the end of the year. That now seems very likely.

This location was once the home of Blockbuster. After standing empty for quite some time, news that a specialty food store was moving in was welcomed by the neighborhood as a nice addition. Union Market was described to me as " a Trader Joe's and a regular supermarket" with lots of prepared food.

How about you, dear Reader? Looking forward to shopping there?

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5 comments: said...

Love your blog about our neighborhood. Haha sometimes I feel like I dont need to go out to explore bc youre doing all the exploring for us. :)

Im glad they are making use of the abandoned Blockbuster! Its about time!

Would have preferred something better, but at least I can go to the fruit and vegetable market in across the street and easily buy milk at the union market now?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely looking forward to Union Market. I believe Cobble Stone Foods is the distributer for Union Market so if people like Cobble Stone they are going to love Union Market. Although, they probably won't love the prices. It will be a nice addition.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

As Underground wrote, Thanks for your blog. It's nice that your blog is truly about the area - as promised - as opposed many other blogs which are about the BLOGGER his/her-self.

Any other Grocery Shopping location is always welcome to a neighborhood, in my opinion, for 2 reasons:
1) It means the business is ABOUT the neighborhood and those who LIVE here. New neighbors or old, we all need places to shop, to do laundry, to buy a newspaper or milk. We do NOT need more Bars or eateries.
2) More shopping choices may mean better shopping prices. When Key Food on Court turned into CVS, MET on Clinton became a pirate. Even the little corner stores, historically known for high prices, were often lower priced than MET. Perhaps by adding Union Market it may bring area grocery prices down.

Kelly said...

Hi Raised in CG,
Couldn't agree more with you. The Met Foods owner is off his rocker, but since he owns the met on Henry and on Smith as well as the health food store on Union and Court, he gets away with it.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Hi Katia...

I didn't know he owned the Health Store on Court (between Union & Pres? right near the gym?) However, I don't shop there either since it was always WAY over priced - even for an Organic Market it's over priced. But now it makes sense.

Union Market, even if it turns out to be an Organic Resource, may help to drive down the prices in his Court Street Store.

By the way, have you noticed that the Fruit & Veggie store (next to Winns) has brought it prices more into line with Brooklyn/Neighborhood prices as opposed to it's former NYC "every piece of fruit is a dollar each" mentality from when it 1st opened?

Side Note: The meat at the Henry Street MET has gotten even worse since I last wrote to you about it. AND the older people are still getting abused, since MET is the only place "KNOWN" to deliver.