Monday, December 07, 2009

Carroll Gardens Protests "Bill": An Open Letter To De Blasio

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I hope that you,
dear Readers and fellow Carroll Gardeners, will join me and C.O.R.D. in sending this clear message to our outgoing Councilman De Blasio, before he will introduce a bill on December 9th, that will alter a very old law that protects our unique front gardens. I strongly encourage everyone to cut and paste, sign and copy and send the attached letter to De Blasio, as well as to the politicians listed below.

An Open Letter To Councilman Bill De Blasio Regarding His Introduction Of A Bill That Will Erode A 150-Year-Old Law Protecting Our Carroll Gardens Court Yards.

Dear Bill De Blasio
We are the residents of Carroll Gardens.
You are still our representative.
Every courtyard in Carroll Gardens is public land.
We protest what you are doing and we strongly urge you not to use your power to give our land away.
Do not introduce this bill.
Do not allow this to be the legacy you leave in Carroll Gardens.
Please make yourself available to the community to discuss this issue with your constituents.

(Your Name here)

A member of the Carroll Gardens Community

Please send to :

Bill De Blasio, NY City Councilman

Christine Quinn, NY City Council Speaker
email link here
telephone: 212-788-7210

John Liu, NY City Council Member and Chair of the Transportation Committee
telephone: 212-788-7022

Betsy Gotbaum, NY City Advocate
telephone: 212- 669-7200

Brad Lander, Council Member Elect

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