Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dear Bill De Blasio: A Reader Strongly Protests


Over the week-end, I received a few letters from readers regarding Councilman Bill De Blasio's introduction of a bill that will alter a 150-year-old-law which protects our neighborhood's front gardens. Below is just one of these letters.

Dear Council Member Bill De Blasio:

I am a resident of Carroll Gardens and strongly protest your secretly orchestrated attempt to modify land use restrictions at the corner of Smith Street and First Place for the Hannah Senesh Day School expansion in violation of NYC Administrative code §19-132.

It is obvious that this has been planned for some time. Your draft amendment is dated November 11, 2009, and yet our community was not notified until last Wednesday, December 2. Your staff member Tom Gray has been quoted that Council Member Elect Brad Lander has been kept "in the loop".

All Place Street courtyards are public land. As the incoming Public Advocate, you are supposed to represent the public interest instead of supporting back-room deals. You and Brad Lander have an obligation to meet in person with your constituents at tomorrow's 6:00 pm meeting at the Hannah Senesh Day School.

A Carroll Gardens Resident

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Anonymous said...


Here is the text of my email to Bill DeBlasio My text is a bit more colorful than the one you proposed.


I have voted for you. I have supported you. You are supposed to represent the best interests of your constituents.

After what we have been through over the past several years...Oliver House, Scarcano Designs, blighting our quaint neighborhood.

We thought you were on our side. Now this??!!

It is inexcusable to change 150 year old laws and ruin the character of one of the prettiest blocks in Carroll Gardens. And to do it in the waning days of your tenure....when the implications of your actions on your chances for reelection for city council are irrelevant?

What are YOU getting out of this????

Clearly, this blight is not in the best interests of the community. You are putting the desires (NOT NEEDS) of a a small private school over those of an entire neighborhood.

We have welcomed the school, despite the fact the the circumstances around the HOW exactly the school acquired the former District 15 offices was not exactly transparent.

Was the extension onto 1st Place part of a master plan....not to be revealed until your final days in office?

Should you introduce this law into the city council...we will fight the construction of this atrocity. We will not go quietly along.

We will not forget. We will make sure that for every office you seek, the city is reminded how you screwed your constituents on the last days in office as our City Councilman.

Lets see who wants to vote for a "Public Advocate" with that reputation. Maybe you should run for the newly created office of "Special Interest Advocate".