Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Old Black And White: The Gowanus Canal In The 1930's


I could not tell you where on the Gowanus Canal this photo was taken. I only know that is was taken in the 1930's. I do spot the Culver Viaduct in the background, which would mean that it may picture a business near 9th Street. Could it be where
the Lowe's parking lot is right now?
Does anyone have some more information? Would love to know.

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Anonymous said...

I think you can see the elevated train station in the distance, which I imagine would put it looking down from hamilton ave from where the bridge is.

fyi - the lowes space was a post office building for a long time. the parking lot was mostly a parking lot although there were one or two old buildings down there that predated the post office building. they were torn down when lowes was built. I saw a bunch of photos of them taken just before they built lowes in the city archive.

Anonymous said...

Well....it all depends.
If the picture was taken from the south, it could be Lowe's parking lot.
If it was take n from the north wouldn't it be the cement factory?

Lou said...

That picture was taken from the 9th St bridge - looking south/south west. It almost looks similar today with cranes loading scrap metal onto a docked barge.