Friday, January 08, 2010

A Moment In Time: Seeking Warmth..And Chocolate


They were standing in front
of the Chocolate Room,
deciding if they should go in.
No doubt, they were seeking some warmth
(and some delectable treats)
on this frigid day.

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Anonymous said...

This place is so expensive, it's not even funny...
Too bad the concept is great...

Anonymous said...

I agree about the expensive. It's ok for once in a year treat, maybe - but otherwise, only for the rich. The best deal for hot coco is D'Amico's on Court! I think $2.

Moved away but visit often said...


What ever happened to that interview you were going to do with that Baker - Mrs. Dee?

Kelly said...

Hi Moved Away,
Glad you still stop by here on PMFA.

I haven't had the time to interview Ms. Dee yet. Too busy with Superfund and Hannah Senesh issues, but am planning on doing it as soon as I can.

Moved away but often visit said...

Hi Katia,

The only reason I mentioned it was because I was 1 of the people you asked (at Christmas Time - when I was in NY) to forward your message. My mom has been keeping me filled-in on everything that's been going on with the old neighborhood. Good Luck with that Hannah thing. It's so NOT right what people are trying to do by "over-growing" the neighborhood.
(LOL - I liked what you wrote about being reminded that we grew up calling it Red Hook) Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Moved Away,
A Happy new year to you as well.
Glad I can bring a bit of Carroll Gardens into your day.
Cheers, Katia