Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Look At Prospect Park's 'Lakeside' Project In Progress





Prospect Park lake pano


photo credit: Jay Sinrod

Reader Jay sent me these cool photos of the "Lakeside" project in Prospect Park.
Jay writes:

"I came across this major renovation under way in Prospect Park today.
It was pretty cool to see part of the lake drained and dammed. If you
read the sign in one of the pictures you will know what is going on."

Cool, indeed. The sign in the photo reads:

Lakeside is a 26 acre, $60 million facility and landscape renovation. The old ice rink will be replaced with a new four-season, 2-rink facility that will provide roller skating and water play in warmer weather. In addition, 5 acres will be added to the lake and 5 acres of new space will be created.

And this is what it will look like when its all done. Pretty, cool, No?

The project is going to be completed by late 2011.

photo credit:

For more info on Lakeside, go to

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Anonymous said...

THIS is the type of Project that could be held up to Eminent Domain!

Something FOR the people - ALL the people. Not just for Basketball Fans and not just for Profit Making Developers.