Thursday, March 11, 2010

Protesting Ratner's Atlantic Yards Ground Breaking


Protesting developer Bruce Ratner's 'Atlantic Yards' Ground Breaking.

Today was the day, and it was a sad one!

After years of fighting the good fight, it had come to this: police corralling protesters behind barricades as politicians arrived for the groundbreaking ceremony in black Chevy Suburbans, safely hidden from the crowd behind tinted windows.
It was a surreal scene and illustrated how disconnected our public officials and their cronies are from the citizens of Brooklyn.

Slowly, the crowd made its way towards Atlantic Avenue, along the construction site and towards the white tents which had been set up for the 'dignitaries.' In unison, protestors chanted: "Brooklyn is not for sale" and "Crooks, lock them up."

Up on rooftops, police observed the crowds' every move. Helicopters hovered overhead. (Was it really necessary to have members of the NYPD Counter Terrorism there? They must have been very, very afraid of us.)

All this 'protection' must have cost the city quite a bit of money. Our tax money at work, I guess.

As I said, to me, it was a very, very sad day.

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Lisanne said...

i wasn't there but i have been at other protests and i knew this one would be the worst of the worst...and sadly eminent domain has won..they created "blight", made people move from homes they lived in for generations with no empathy whatsoever..the jobs they are creating are temporary and then minimum wage. The housing they are building is not really for "low income" unless your version of low income is 90,000 a year...Marty Markowitz should be ashamed of himself for being so gung ho..this is a sad day for Brooklyn.