Monday, March 15, 2010

Many Attend Vigil Against Bias Crime In Carroll Gardens


A very large crowd gathered on Luquer Street on Monday evening, in a show of unity against intolerance in Carroll Gardens. In solidarity, the community had gotten together for a candle light vigil to show support for a 22-year old victim, who had been viciously attached by five thugs as he was walking on Luquer Street near Hamilton Avenue. The attachers had yelled anti-gay slurs at him.

Many of our elected officials showed up to speak. There was also an impressive police presence from the 76th Precinct. Captain Corey and members of the precinct's Community Affairs unit were there.

The most moving speech was delivered by the victim's friend, who explained that the young man preferred to stay out of the spotlight and wanted to stay anonymous. He apparently is rather overwhelmed with the attention.

We should respect his wishes. Right now, it is more important to find the men responsible for the attach. The vigil gave neighbors an opportunity to show everyone that intolerance has no place in Carroll Gardens.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the 76th unit will have more of a presence in the community now.

Bruce McD. said...

I'm so glad this rally happened! I found it puzzling, though, that there was no amplification for the speakers, some of whom were nearly impossible to hear even 10 feet away. A bullhorn would have worked wonders!

I also found it puzzling that they allowed the one former candidate for our city council seat who OPPOSED gay equality (Jon Heyer) to speak at the rally, even though several of the other candidates who vied for the seat and supported gay equality (including one who is openly gay) were also in attendance and weren't asked to say a few words. I don't care how quickly he "responded" to word that this attack happened, there were better options to put front and center who offer unequivocal support GLBT rights.

Anonymous said...

Why not a "vigil" for that poor soul who was beaten so savagely at Luquer and Smith not so long ago?
I suppose his plight is less than our gay friends.

Bruce McD. said...

@ Anonymous 8:55 a.m.

I may be mistaken, but as I understand it, this vigil was planned by several gay rights activists. If you were concerned about there not being a vigil for the other attack, perhaps you should have planned one yourself?

It's very easy to complain, but when it comes down to brass tacks, it rings hollow if the complainer doesn't actually get involved and take action themselves.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

To Bruce McD: I'm glad you used the term rally in your 1st entry, NOT "Vigil" - I was always under the impression that you have a vigil for the dead or dying and that you have a rally for support of a person or cause. I know it's just phrasing, but still. Thanks.

Although I'm not a Jon Heyer fan, there's no reason why you can't Rally Around someone whose been attacked and yet still not be able to fundimentally support Gay Marriage. Someone can be against the current Health Reform Measures but still be PRO-Health Care. Meanwhile, I agree with you that other 'better choices' could have and should have been asked to speak, also.

David said...

I posted video of the moving speech given by Counsel woman Letitia James. It's well worth a watch! This was a wonderful response to the crime!