Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Official Statement From Hannah Senesh Day School Regarding Carroll Gardens Courtyard Expansion



As many of you no doubt already heard, Hannah Senesh Day School announced on Friday that they have decided not to pursue their proposed two-story expansion into the city-owned courtyard at the corner of Smith Street and First Place.

Below is the official statement by the school's lobbyist Ken Fisher:

Public Advocate Bill DiBlasio, City Council Member Brad Lander and the Hannah Senesh Community Day School announced today that the School has decided to pursue other space opportunities in Carroll Gardens and is not proceeding with plans to build on the adjacent courtyard.

The School had explored the possibility of such an expansion last year, including holding outreach meetings with community leaders and neighbors.

Said Board Chair Pam Kaplan: "Although we were encouraged by the support we received from then Council Member DiBlasio and the willingness of elected officials such Council Member Brad Lander and Assembly Member Joan Millman to review our proposal, we were also sensitive to the concerns of our neighbors. Over the past two months, our board has carefully considered our current needs and resources and has concluded that at present we should explore other alternatives."

Said Public Advocate DiBlasio: "I am pleased that the Hannah Senesh Day School has decided to come a resolution which works with the needs of the community. I support the decision to not infringe on the court yards will work closely with them on other opportunities to expand the school."

Said Council Member Lander: “I am very pleased with the decision by the Hannah Senesh Community Day School to withdraw their proposal to build on the courtyard. Many neighbors expressed strong feelings about the importance of preserving Carroll Gardens ' signature courtyards, and I very much appreciate that the Hannah Senesh leadership -- many of whom are also our neighbors -- took heed to those concerns. I was glad to play a role in helping neighbors hear each others' concerns, and I look forward to working with the school and the Carroll Gardens community to find ways for Hannah Senesh to continue to flourish and serve their students, and to preserve and strengthen what is great about this neighborhood.”

Said Assembly Member Millman: "I applaud the school for understanding the community’s concerns and deciding not to proceed with their proposed expansion. The courtyards are an integral part of Carroll Garden ’s charm and character and must be protected. I remain committed to identifying a potential solution which will meet the needs of both the community and the school."

Said Maria Pagano, President of the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association: " The Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association has welcomed the Hannah Senesh community to Carroll Gardens, enjoying a productive and hospitable relationship with the school administrators, Board and staff. The Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association applauds the Hannah Senesh community's decision to expand the school in some other way, rather than build in the courtyard facing First Place."

Added Ms. Kaplan: "While Hannah Senesh was conceived to be a small, quality institution, we know that we will need additional space in the future to provide the kind of educational experience for which we are known and will seek out such opportunities when available. We are, as a school, looking forward to being part of the Carroll Gardens community for many years to come."

About the School: Hannah Senesh Community Day School is a nationally recognized center of excellence in progressive Jewish education, serving a diverse community of children and their families from across the continuum of Jewish life. Founded in 1995, the school offers classes in the Kindergarten through 8th grades and moved into its current location in 2007.

Kenneth K. Fisher | Cozen O'Connor

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Anonymous said...

A careful reading of Ken Fisher's statement on behalf of the school clearly shows how closely our former councilman was was working with the school to sell us down the river. This same person is now in higher office where he can work his magic over the whole city. We should all be very watchfull to make sure that we keep Bill's magic away from Carroll Gardens.

Anonymous said...

Kenny, as we like to call him in Greenpoint, was under the hire of an illegal night club hereabouts (Studio B) to "clean up" their Cab license issues. To this end he attended a public safety committee meeting at our local community board (1: Williamsburg/Greenpoint) and acted like a colossal asshole.

At one point Mieszko Kalita, the chair of the Public Safety Committee, told Kenny that HE was in fact the moderator for the meeting and that Kenny should shut up and let other people speak. Not even the Captain of the 94th Precinct had the temerity to do this. Kenny, believe it or not, shut up...


and we spoke.




Studio B, over the wishes of Community Board 1, got their Cab License but closed shortly thereafter. They won the battle but lost the war. Persistence pays.

Anything Kenny Fisher is involved in is suspect. Plain and simple.

As for DeBlasio, I busted a gut when he started to distance himself from Yassky when he realized our former City Councilman wouldn't win. Bill failed to take into account how much Mr. Yassky's former constituents hate him. We didn't vote for Liu. We voted against Yassky. Clown.

Miss Heather, Newyorkshitty.com

Kelly said...

Hi Miss Heather,

Yes, Ken and Bill are just some of the usual suspects in this city. One is as arrogant as the other.
Your experience with Fisher was exactly like ours.
At a meeting that the school organized with the community, he was incredibly disrespectful to local residents. Real slimy.
As for Bill, he is a career politician, who long ago forgot that he should represent his constituents.
What bitter irony that he became our advocate.
His name is mud here in Carroll Gardens.