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Monday, March 01, 2010

Three Locations On Sackett Street Evacuated By NYC Office Of Emergency Management This Morning

This was sent to me by my friend Gerry.

Apparently, the N.Y.C. Office Of Emergency Management evacuated three locations on Sackett Street at Court Street early this morning because of High Carbon Monoxide levels.

Can any readers out there give us more information?

Below is the response report:

From: "NYC OEM" <wc-1@OEM.NYC.GOV>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 06:18:10 -0500
Subject: Evacuations due to High Carbon Monoxide at Sackett St and Court St (BK)

Mon Mar 01 06:10:38 2010
STATUS: Open - Active
HazMat-High Carbon Monoxide
Brooklyn 326 Sackett St

FDNY has evacuated approximately 30 people due to elevated carbon monoxide (CO) readings of over 500 ppm. The following three locations have been impacted: 326, 330, and 338 Sackett Street in Brooklyn. No injuries have been reported. An MTA has been requested to provide temporary sheltering. OEM is en route. RESPONDING UNITS: OEM 623
INCIDENT NO: Inc-060303-906-030110

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