Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Official: The Magic Fountain On Court Street Is No More


It is now official! The Magic Fountain, the ice cream parlor that didn't seem to sell ice cream at all at 412 Court Street is no more. The storefront was being totally gutted on Monday morning as I walked by.
The Magic Place certainly was not a neighborhood favorite by any means and I doubt that many people will be sorry to see it go. A reader commented:

I walked in there one day a few years back to buy a bottle of water for my 5 year old daughter who was feeling bad because of the heat. The owner(?) just stared at me when I asked to buy a bottle of water. No response, just a hostile stare.

I've never tried to force my money on them since, as they are evidently doing just fine without it.

Anything that moves in there can only be an improvement.

Just last week, I reported that the laundromat next door at number 410 Court Street was undergoing major renovation. A permit states that the laundromat was being converted into a restaurant.
If the Magic Fountain space will be added to the laundromat space, it will most probably become quite a large eating establishments.
No word yet on what type of restaurant it will become.
What kind of food would you like to see there, dear Readers?

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JM said...

I'm sure it will be Italian.

Lisanne said...

It was time to retire...i lost lots of money in their washers and driers that they were obviously runninng into the ground the last few years. They had a habit of blaming the customers, saw many a fight in there!!!! THe last time iwas there while my clothes were in the wash, Francis came in and simply said "we are closing in 10 minutes!!!" Steam was coming out of my ears as I looked for a laundromat that would accept wet clothes (laundromats don't like it when you just use their dryers!!!)

Lottery tickets were the main deal at the magic fountain.

Anonymous said...

Awww, too bad!!!
Que Lastima!!
Sorry to see that surly dwarf go.
Well at least vanish for a while.
Bet he owns the building.

Anonymous said...

Yes. When it was the Dairy Queen-it was the best, that the neighborhood could have. Since, them days, it was Magic Fountain-to buy icecream or icecream cake,lotto tickets, etc. Years ago,i went in for an icecream log cake- it was popular to buy for a group to sit and enjoy,they stared at me- like, well its been awhile since we have sold icecream log cake. Other than to buy a ticket now and than or to wave a hello-that was it. Laundromat- i used it once or twice. At the end, it was closing at earlier times than usual. WISH WISH- it would be a Seafood Restaurant- that is what we truly need. So, as not to travel to far to go for fish meal.
One part will be the kitchen and take out- laundromat-may just be the sitin reataurant? We shall see, its growth.

Anonymous said...

How about a soul food eat in / take out joint like Mama's was in the East Village. That would be good.

Anonymous said...

How about a nice German place ?

Anonymous said...

Years ago they were both owned by an Italian family from the neighborhood. Owned the buildings too. They sold the businesses and then later the buildings. I work with the daughter of the original owners. She actually thought the new owners closed the stores years ago...

Kelly said...

How cool, Anon!
Maybe your friend/co-worker would like to tell us a bit about the building's history.
I am sure my readers would appreciate it.