Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'Amgula' And 'Quiesh': Spell Check Needed At Court Street Eatery!


In front of Sweet Melissa's on Court Street

How does an Amgula and Brie Omelette sound? Or how about a Mushroom Gruyère Quiesh?

I know what you are going to say, dear Reader. Yes, yes, we all make spelling mistakes, including yours truly. I also know that spell check has not been invented for blackboards yet.
All the more important to check and make sure that the daily menu announced in front of one's eating establishment is checked before public viewing.

Just saying...because a 'quiesh' certainly does not sound appetizing. Unless, of course, its an 'amgula quiesh.'


roopa said...

I don't know why spelling mistakes are considered to be ok in American society. Words are spelled a certain way and they should be spelled correctly!

It's especially embarrassing for a restaurant/cafe to spell food words incorrectly. I've never been thrilled with the food at Sweet Melissa and of late their baked goods are just so-so. And now they can't even spell their dishes correctly? Sad.

Marge said...

I hate to say it, but with the education system going the way it is, you'll probably be seeing a lot more misspelled words-even from college graduates. I write educational materials for teachers and students. Also, using the internet, people don't have to know how to spell anymore - spell-check will do it for you. Handwriting, also, is going to the dogs. Penmanship isn't focused on as much, again, because of writing on computers and handhelds.

Anonymous said...

I always find those types of things on signs kind of charming.

You see them so often in New York that they're almost part of living here. I'd miss them in some ways if they weren't around.