Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Have Love Affair With Downtown Brooklyn" : Searching For Elusive $1000 Room, Studio Or 1 Bedroom




This flier was taped to a lantern post on Smith Street here in Carroll Gardens.
I don't know Tracy or Rich, but they describe themselves as two friends and longtime residents of the neighborhood, who "have a love affair with Downtown Brooklyn." They are looking for a $1000 room, studio or 1 bedroom.
A room may be possible, but what do you, dear Reader, think their chance is of getting a studio or one bedroom for that price?

Any thoughts? Or better yet, does anyone know of anything?


Unknown said...

good luck renting a closet for a grand in that area!!

Sam said...

my only question is about the love affair with Downtown Brooklyn. Really?

I think I heard of a cheap spot a few months ago in the Vinegar Hill area, north of the BQE, west of dumbo? Only tip I can think of.

Anonymous said...

A room maybe