Monday, June 14, 2010

Allen Toussaint And Davell Crawford,The Princes Of New Orleans, Rocked Prospect Park

Allen Toussaint playing in Prospect Park

Davell Crawford on piano

Davell Crawford on keyboard

Saturday evening could nnot have been more beautiful for a concert in Prospect Park. The second evening of music in the 2010 Celebrate Brooklyn season at the park's band shell, featured two of New Orleans' giants, Allen Toussaint and Dawell Crawford.

Allen Toussaint, started the evening off***. With just his piano to accompany him, he entertained the crowd with many of the songs from his long carreer producing and arranging music for the Neville Brothers, the Rolling Stones and Elvis Castello.

Dawell Crawford with his incredible band came on next. The Piano Prince Of New Orleans was electrifying. By the third song, the crowd was on its feet, dancing to his infectious mix of blues,
jazz and gospel.

Great music, great evening. Hope you were there!

*** A reader corrected me. Apparently Dawell Crawford came out first, followed by Allen Toussaint. Crawford then came out again after Toussaint.
I came slightly late and must have missed Crawford's first set.



Anonymous said...

pardon me for correcting. Davell Crawford actually went on first. solo piano. Then Allen Toussaint went on second solo piano followed by Davell Crawford again but this time with a band. Toussaint was actually on in the middle of a three act show. Seems you got there late and missed the first act.

Katia said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the correction.
I must have missed Crawford's first act. Toussaint was already on stage when I arrived.
Will change my post to reflect that.