Monday, June 14, 2010

Olá Baby Calls It Quits On Court Street

Olá Baby, the specialty shop at 315 Court Street, is closing its door. Considering how many babies have been born in the neighborhood and how many women seem to be pregnant here in the Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area, this comes as a surprise.
(I am thinking that, maybe, the recession has put a damper on the $700 plus stroller market?)

All of last week, items in the store were heavily discounted. Over the week-end, merchandise was 50-75% off.

Olá Baby's web site, however, had not been updated to show that the retail store was closing.

Perhaps, Olá Baby will continue its online store.

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Cynthia said...

Those $700 strollers kill me. And here I thought I was living large with a Maclaren.

BevD said...

Thought it would have closed sooner. Prices were astronomical- i do not care- how much rental prices are- bottoms were like $70.etc. Where do you come off charging these prices. When there was Made for Me Boutique- she was in business for so many years- her prices were reasonable and made you buy in bulk. Her merchandise and prices brought customersin from all over LI,SI,NJ to buy her baby wear. I bought so much baby gifts from her and also from the Marietta Brothers- that are next door to Fragole's across from Citibank. These killer prices are not going to last in Carroll Gardens, i do not care how much value is in your wallet to spend. There are about two other businesses in the area that are still open- they should have special summer markdowns to keep their inventory flowing. Good quality reasonable prices brings me in to purchase.

impa said...

i'm always surprised at these 'high end' stores moving in. no one in carroll gardens (except me, of course) looks like they spend any money on their clothes!

Anonymous said...

BevD perhaps you should move to Ohio or Alabama if the prices are to high for you.

Anonymous said...

This place sucked. They had absolutely nothing useful -- just a bunch of ridiculously priced ironic baby onesies and socks.

Anonymous said...

Made for Me Boutique may have been reasonable because the owner of the store owned the building. When she was not making much business she decided to rent the space to Ola and charge an astronomical rent. That is why they charge $70 for a baby's t shirt to pay the rent to the Made for Me landlord