Monday, June 07, 2010

Best Comment Of The Day: Sympathy To The Victim


Laura L. left the following comment on the post Report Of Assault On Young Woman on 2nd Place Near Clinton Street:

I was assaulted - what seemed to be a very physical mugging at first, but then turned sexual - on Clinton and 3rd place about 2 years ago. The description of the attacker's appearance does not match, but the rest seems very similar. I was saved by a couple walking their dogs who I screamed to. I did report it to the police at the station that night, and had an investigator come to my home to ask many more questions when another woman was assaulted in a similar manor a few weeks later, but I could never make a positive ID from the mug shots they showed me. I also remember seeing a flyer at Gourmet Fresh soon after it opened (a year ago? I forget now) with a similar story. That may or may not make 5 total incidents in nearly the same area over the last 2 years. I really hope that this guy or any other guy preying on women in the neighborhood is caught and brought to justice before any one else gets hurt. My sympathy to the victim of this latest crime.

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