Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Once A Garage, Now New Building Coming To #337 DeGraw Street

A new building is in the works for # 337 DeGraw Street, near the corner of Smith Street. A few months back, the two-car garage at that location was demolished in advance of the construction.

From what I can interpret from the Department of Buildings permit, a 50' high, four story/ four apartment house will be built on the site.
The architect for this project is Darrin Krumpus of Boro Architects and construction will be done by N's Construction, Inc.
The side lot windows of the residence next door at # 335 have already been cinder-blocked.

A quick look at Architecht Krumpus' web site would suggest that the new building will most probably be one of these non-contextual glass boxes.
At least we can hope that the lot will lose its curb cut.
No work yet on the neighboring corner lot on Smith Street.

Interestingly, the original house at #337 DeGraw was once the home of John Dwyer "a rough, well known to police" who murdered someone with a billiard cue in a bar on Atlantic Avenue in 1880. Read more about it in this 1880's article from the New York Times Archive.

Picture 2

October 5, 1880

Read entire article here

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Anonymous said...

Very cool article from the past tossed in there!

I'd just add that the car in the photos is illegally parked.

And wondering when that corner lot is going to be developed - would have been a good opportunity for a builder to combine those lots to have more flexibility with unit layouts.