Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gowanus Yacht Club Still Closed By Health Department: Co-Owner Jim Mamary Himself Fixing Stuff On Site?





Co-Owner Jim Mamary On Site Fixing Violations?

As of Wednesday afternoon, Bagels By The Park and
the Gowanus Yacht Club were open again.

The Gowanus Yacht Club and Bagels By The Park at 323 Smith Street were shut-down by the NYC Department Of Health on Friday evening during an inspection. A big orange sticker was placed prominently on the bagel store's front door. The owners taped their own message to customers in the window, stating that the bagel store has been closed because of problems with their yard.
Both remain closed, though the Yacht Club re-opened for business on Sunday to admit crowds during the US-England game. (Conveniently, the Health Department sticker was covered up during that time.)

Today, there were some workers fixing and cleaning up in the yard. It would appear that former power-restaurateur and Yacht Club co-owner Mr. Jim Mamary was on site himself with tools in hand, most probably fixing violations.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

two things come to mind, one bagels by the park isnt AdA compliant with a step to enter the restaurant and two Ive seen tables and chairs outside which Im sure dont have a license for.
Im sorry for him I like the place and the bagels are decent.