Monday, July 26, 2010

Postcard From France: Good Morning, Brooklyn!


Good morning, Brooklyn!

Though the weather forecast had only predicted a chance of rain showers for this afternoon, I woke up early in the morning to the sound of big drops against my bedroom window panes. So I rolled over, covered myself with my wool blanket and snoozed a bit longer. Things had not improved by the time I walked down into the kitchen to make coffee. It was downright chilly in the house, so I turned on the heat for a quick blast of coziness. Outside, thick fog hung over our little hill. I could barely discern anything past the geranium planters.

Can you imagine, dear reader, that my July here is so very different than yours in Brooklyn, where the heat has been unrelenting, or so I hear?

Rather than letting the cold and wetness get us down, my husband and I have been cleaning and organizing the house. We even got some little projects out of the way. I have been making some cherry jam and some from the blueberries which were freshly picked in the forest.


The rain has one more benefit. The flowers everywhere are just beautiful. My husband found this little cluster of poppies growing along the roadside right outside of our village. I think he intends on taking a shovel next time, so that he can try to transplant a few to our garden.
In my experience, that never works. These little beauties don't like to be told where they should bloom. Instead, they happily grow where they want.


So there you have it, dear Reader. The days are flying by and I am trying to squeeze the most into them. La vie est belle, chers amis!



Melissa Sarno said...

Your kitchen looks like a cozy place to spend these rainy days. I like the saucissons hanging from your ceiling :-)

Margaret said...

Why would you ever leave this exquisite home and setting? Love your pans!

Katia said...

Hi Melissa,
Yes, we spend some great moments in that kitchen. Over the years, we have made many a great lunch and dinner in it.
You noticed the father actually hung them there before I came and I sort of forgot about them until you mentioned them. So we cut one down and served it last night.

Next to the sausages are mint and a kind of verbena that we hung up to dry to make tea.

Katia said...

Believe me, I would stay here longer if I could. Maybe in retirement. But we could never live here year-round. It gets too cold up here in the mountains. besides, I would miss friends like you and my Brooklyn neighborhood too much.