Saturday, July 24, 2010

Postcard From France: Behold The" New York City Taxi Cab" Toilet Seat







While I am trying to shop for typically French accessories to decorate our 1866 stone farm house here in the Auvergne, it would appear that the must-have home decorating item for every French person this summer features New York City taxi cabs. In not one but three stores in one day, I came across the motif on large framed photos, canvases, wall clocks, stools and lamps, to name just a few. The catalogues are full of the same motif as well.

The most amusing item by far features yellow cabs on a toilet seat. Yes, dear readers, a toilet seat. I know that New Yorkers often feel as though their city is going down the toilet. Here in France, the sentiment can be expressed quite literally.
The price for this quality item was about 34 Euros (or 45 Dollars.) I had to smile at the notion that some French person would think that this is the height of chic.

I wonder if the NYC Taxi and Limousine commission knows about this.


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