Thursday, July 22, 2010

Postcard From France: July Fog








Here in the Auvergne, in the center of France, it has been raining since yesterday evening. Mind you, I am not complaining. The last few days have been very hot and dry, so the rain and the accompanying cool air has come as a relief.
The landscape itself has been transformed by the low clouds as well. The vistas are always spectacular, but the mist has added a sense of mystery.
My husband and I were driving through the mountains today, when we were caught in the thickest fog I have ever seen. It was downright scary and we had to inch our way along, till it cleared.
I know that it must be difficult to imagine this sort of weather in July, but it is rather usual for the Auvergne. One summer day, it can be 90 degrees, the next, one is lucky if the temperature reaches 65 degrees.
Don't worry, the sun is supposed to return tomorrow. But in the meantime, I am wearing a thick wool sweater.

How goes it in Brooklyn? Any news from my favorite Brooklyn neighborhood?


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