Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Raising Young'Uns in Carroll Gardens: Neighborhood Opossums Multiplying

baby opossum 2
(photo credit: Reader J.)

They may not be part of the Carroll Gardens stroller set, but opossums are raising their young alongside right here in the neighborhood.

A few months back, there were quite a few possum sightings in the neighborhood. In April 2009, Reader Rose sent me photos of one of these marsupials running around in her back yard near the Gowanus Canal. Then in September '09, came reports came from readers Sara B. and Kari who spotted two in one night. The first was seen running from 3rd Place at Henry Street, the second was hanging out on a stoop on First Place between Henry and Clinton Streets.

At the same time, Reader J. told me that his wife came across a critter under their fig tree in the back yard on Fourth Place. Last week, he wrote to tell me about yet another sighting, but this time, the guest in his back yard was a baby opossum.

He writes:

Last year I told you about my wife spotting an Opossum under our Fig Tree.
Well there must be more than one Opossum on Fourth Place because tonight we saw this little guy around 10pm. He must be about 6 to 8 inches long (not including tail).
Sometimes at night when the windows are open we'll hear our cats go crazy, pouncing at the screens - we always thought it was squirrels. But this little guy twice tried to to climb the screen and each time our cat pounced. We watched for about half hour as he hid amongst our patio furniture, waiting for the opportunity to come up to the window. The second encounter with the cat sent him off into the night.
I must say, this little guy is quite cute. Has anyone else potted opossums or their offspring in the neighborhood?



Sylvie said...

no possum sighting, but i know someone who spotted a raccoon on sackett between smith and court the other night!

Laura said...

I love possums. They are very neat, useful animals that have definitely gotten a bad rap.

John said...

We witnessed a raccoon navigating the power lines in our back yard on Union St, between smith and court just last week. I didn't even know raccoons were nimble enough to walk atop a power line. It was pretty impressive and very exciting to see some nature in our bk backyard.

Anonymous said...

spotted one last night near the buttermilk channel trash receptacles.