Friday, July 09, 2010

Yet Another Opossum Sighting In The Neighborhood

photo credit: Reader Lawrence

Yet another opossum sighting in the neighborhood, this one at the corner of First Place and Clinton Street. Just last week, a Carroll Gardens resident saw a little baby possum in his back yard. Just yesterday, Reader Lawrence sent me the photos above of a visitor to his yard.
He writes:
These are not very good photos as they were taken through a screen door but this fella had no fear…my son and I stood at the door while he walked right up and sat there to look at us. He stared at us for a little while, turned around and walked away. The photos don’t capture it but he had really interesting colour variations in his fur. He also have very sharp claws and teeth. I wouldn’t mess with him.
I wouldn't mess with an opossum either, but sure wouldn't mind having one visit me. Judging by all these sightings, we are experiencing quite an opossum population boom. Neat, I say!


Allyn Howard said...

Wow! He looks a little scary to me, but cute :D

Hope your trip is off to a great start!!! See you when you return :')

Anonymous said...


Katia, are you in France?

Your blog is dry since the 9th ;)