Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dog Days Of Summer 2010 Have Produced A Bumper Crop Of Brooklyn Peaches



During my five week absence from Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn, I mercifully escaped most of the 100+ degree days in the city. From the reports I got during that time from friends and neighbors, it must have been rather dreadful.
No surprise then, that much foliage has already turned brown. The street trees in particular look as though they have suffered in the heat.
Thanks to a soaker hose on a timer, my garden survived rather well during the time I was gone, though I do need to weed quite a bit. (I also know that I will get a shock when I see this quarter's water bill.)

The July heat wave did have at least one a pleasant effect: it produced a bumper crop of fruit on Carroll Gardens' trees. My neighbor's peach tree is so laden with delicious looking peaches this year, that its branches are drooping under their weight. They look absolutely perfect. The tree has produced some fruit in the past, but I have never seen it with such a crop before.


In my own garden, the ancient grape vine has also gone into production mode. Its branches are full of golden clusters of grapes. I will try to make juice out of them this year. Unfortunately, they aren't the sort which can be used to make wine...


Not to be outdone, this zucchini plant growing on the railing of someone's stoop here in Carroll Gardens was covered with blooms. Soon enough, it will be covered with squash.

How about in your garden, dear Reader? Do you have a bumper crop of fruit or vegetables as a result of this summer's heat?



Laura said...

How are NYC-grown peaches? I confess I was only recently made aware that there was even such a thing.

Kelly said...

Hi Laura,
I bet they taste as good as they look. If my neighbor shares one or two with me, I'll let you know.