Thursday, August 19, 2010

Postcard From France: Au Revoir, Paris

Paris 2010

As promised, dear Reader, some of the photos I took in Paris on Monday and Tuesday, as my husband and I walked all around the city, from the Panthéon, to the Ile St. Louis, all the way to Montmartre and its hundreds of steps up to the Basilique du Sacré Coeur. The weather was cool and rainy, but Paris was as beautiful as ever.
We flew back to New York yesterday, so I am more than a bit jet-lagged. I am spending today looking through the mail, answering phone calls and unpacking. I quickly looked at my garden, noticed that all the plants survived the heat wave, looked at all the weeds that happily grew there as well, and decided to leave the weeding for another day.

I will take the next few days to slip back into my Brooklyn life, so I will most certainly blog about Carroll Gardens again by Monday. Will meet you back here.



Marion & Joe said...

Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Welcome back to Brooklyn !!!!

Mrs. G said...

Beautiful pictures indeed! Glad you shared the beauty of France with us. Glad GOD got you to/from/to your homes safe and sound. France's loss - Brooklyn's gain! GET SOME REST!!