Monday, October 18, 2010

Note To Out-Of-Town Driver: Court Street Is NOT A Two-Way Street




Thankfully, Sunday morning traffic on Court Street is lighter than during the week, otherwise the bizarre and downright dangerous maneuver performed by the driver of this black sedan with Florida license plate could have ended in a serious accident. 
The car was driving with the one-way traffic flow on Court Street, came to a complete stop between Union Street and President Street and proceeded to made a U-turn. The driver then accelerated down Court Street towards Atlantic Avenue against traffic, narrowly avoiding a white van and a small silver car. Luckily, someone sitting in a parked vehicle on the next block was able to get the driver's attention by honking.  Again, the driver stopped in the middle of the road, performed a U-turn and sped off, this time in the right direction.

Granted, the out-of-state driver could easily have been disoriented or lost.  But even in Florida, there are one-way streets.  Besides, the brazen U-turns and the speed were more indications of a reckless  driver than of a confused tourist.



Joe Nardiello said...

This sort of driver seems 'never' to be caught -- but thanks to you, at least this one was documented. There's NO rational excuses for this behavior, especially a K-turn mid-street. You'd imagine he/she might have made a LEGAL turn down Union Street and righted themselves. This is a careless, reckless driver (that your photo caught) - and many times, driving a 'new' car means the old one, was wrecked. Their license plate info should be delivered to the 76th Pct. right away.

Tim said...

I guess he was probably following a cyclist since they do it all the time!!