Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Astro Turf About To Re-Open On Smith Street?




Could it be that Astro Turf at 290 Smith Street is about to re-open?  Not that the store ever truly closed.  It just wasn't opened for business.  It's stock of wonderfully kitschy 50's  decorative items simply collecting dust on shelves inside the storefront over the last two years. Since the owner of Astro Turf apparently also owns the building, she may just have taken a break from her business.
But in the last few days, the windows have been covered with paper and I was told by one of the store's neighbors that the place is being painted, but that the work is being performed around the merchandise, which would indicate that it is just getting spruced-up and that it will re-open with the same goods.
Astro Turf  was one of the pioneer businesses of the "new" Smith Street back in the 90's.  It would be great having it back.


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Natalie said...

I've been in that store 2x to buy something displayed in the window and was told (both times) that item was NOT for sale--is the owner crazy or what?