Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Union Smith Café Closed To Re-Open As Italian Eatery?



UPDATE 10/21: Just confirmed with a reliable source that the place will turn into a Mexican Eatery

It would seem that the Union Smith Café at 305 Smith Street has closed for good. The big gate to the outside dining area was closed on Tuesday afternoon and inside, chairs were placed on top of the tables and the lights were out. Reader and tipster Molly had more information in her email to PMFA.

"My 5 year-old declares the mac n' cheese at Union Smith the "best in the whole world," so he was dismayed to learn that it's closing. We went for dinner on Sunday and our waiter told us he was glad to have the chance to say goodbye to Henry (who is usually escorted by his grandmother), because the restaurant has been bought by a Manhattan-based restauranteur and will be closed for at least a month for renovations before opening as an Italian eatery. And my husband and I had just finished saying how much better the food seemed on Sunday than any of the other times we'd eaten there..."

No word yet on who the Manhattan-based restaurateur is. I will try to find out.

Union Smith Café replaced Sonny's Bar and Grill at that location in 2008. The café was closed temporarily by Health Department in June of this year.



Anonymous said...

Now where am I supposed to get a mushroom and gruyere omelet and a Stella?

Anonymous said...

That's a real shame. Union Smith as a pleasant, comfortable place to get a fresh, casual meal on the spur of the moment.

Anonymous said...

No, it is Mexican, with the person from Dos Caminos in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

glad to see the back of union smith. the jackass owner never paid his suppliers ...

Anonymous said...

This place wasnt that great. Overpriced and mediocre.