Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Former Retailers NOT Coming Back To Newly Re-Constructed 178 Smith Street


Before the November 2009 fire.
 178 Smith Street with the shoe maker and hair salon in the retail space.
And now...



You may remember that last week, I wrote about the re-construction of the building at  #178 Smith Street,  which was destroyed in a fire in November 2009.  The little yellow aluminum-clad house has been rebuilt with a brick façade and a cornice that make it much more contextual than the original structure.
Some of you readers were wondering if the two retail tenants, a shoe repair place and a unisex hair salon would move back in after construction is completed.  That seems highly unlikely.  Just a few days ago, two "for rent" signs were taped on the storefront windows.   
Too bad.  
What would you like to see in there, dear Readers?

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Anonymous said...

anything but another restaurant or bar is ok by me.
Surprised haven't posted a pic of the dismantling of bldg on corner of Smith/Baltic.
Wonder what will be built there.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I am desperate to have that great cobbler back. Does anyone know where he may have gone to? I would follow him!