Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TJ's Coming To Old Caserta Vecchia Space On Smith



(photo above taken by Manny Simone)

Over the last few months, work has progressed slowly at the 221 Smith Street space formerly occupied Caserta Vecchia. The Spanish eatery closed back in July. However, a new venture seems ready to open for business.
Reader Manny Simone just sent along this photo of the note taped to the storefront's window. The new venture is called TJ's. No word yet on what kind of establishment this will be and what kind of food will be served. One thing is obvious: they don't yet have a liquor license, so bring your own booze for opening night. And its cash only, but an ATM machine is "conveniently located inside."
Not quite sure I like the way the new owner is thinking, though I like the BYOB part.



Anonymous said...

I agree, I hate the tax evaders "cash only" restaurants. They are tugs of our society, without also refering to the "wise" part of the cash flow.

In the other hand, credit cards companies ask too much money for each transaction, I think it went down recently though following a new law.

Anonymous said...

Caserta Vecchia wasn't Spanish - it was Italian, specifically Neapolitan. And it was very good...

Incidentally I saw TJ's menu the other day, and it's fairly similar to CV's. They are making full use of the brick oven for pizzas.

Katia said...

Yes, but these cash machines also ask a high fee.
Better come prepared with cash, I guess.