Monday, January 17, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: Proper Recording And Publishing

Meredith has left the following comment on the post "Digging Up Fragments Of The Past In A Backyard On Pierrepont Street":
"Archaeology is really cool, and Mr. Jordan and Mr. Fortmeyer should share their findings with others interested in the material record of our city's past by properly recording and publishing their findings. The context in which artifacts are found can often tell us more about the people who used them than the artifacts themselves. I fear that Mr. Jordan and Mr. Fortmeyer are not recording an analyzing this extremely important information and that it is now lost forever.
I encourage these men to contact the staff at the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, members of The Professional Archaeologists of NYC, members of the Metropolitan Chapter of the NY State Archaeological Association, and/or many other professionally trained archaeolgists at area universities who would be happy to help them with proper recording and publishing."


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