Monday, January 17, 2011

Sighted In Carroll Gardens Back In September: Red-Tailed Hawk Chick Or Some Other Bird?


photo credit: Lorraine Kikuchi Gates

After I posted the photo of the majestic red-tailed hawk that was spotted on Carroll Street last week, reader Lorraine sent me a photograph of what appears to be a small hawk. It was taken back in September in her back yard, just a few blocks away towards the Gowanus Canal. Lorraine was wondering if this is a red-tailed hawk chick or some other, smaller raptor. Can anyone help her identify it? In any case, it is very cool to know that such incredible birds are making this area their home.

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Queens Crapper said...

That looks like an American Kestrel.

dumpsterkitty said...

I agree with Queens-most definitely an American Kestrel. I can't see enough of the wings to say male or female-male's wings are blue-gray, female's are reddish like the back of both.

Anonymous said...