Friday, January 28, 2011

"Me And My Eggroll" Going (Partly) Vietnamese On Court






'Me And My Eggroll' at 407 Court Street, one of Carroll Gardens oldest Chinese restaurants, has gone partly Vietnamese by adding bubble teas and Vietnamese sandwiches. Yesterday was the grand opening of their 're-designed' restaurant space, which had gone mostly unused for years, since Me and My Eggroll is known primarily as a take-out place. Though the decor doesn't look much different than before, some rather brightly colored lights and a new lit menu sign have been added.

What do you think? Any hope that their Vietnamese offerings will be better than their Chinese food? Or should we stick to Hanco on Bergen?



Anonymous said...

I always thought that place was closed. Wouldn't trust their Vietnamese entity. Better head to the real Chinatown.

Anonymous said...

I never liked their Chinese food. I don't know if I'll even try the new menu.

Yodomino said...

oh, give it a chance. I eating one right now and it's great. 5 bucks, you can't beat it!!

BD said...

Throughout the years, the food was good, than, i guess, flavors went blah-soup didnt have the taste as it should. I suggested one day in the past Spring- that they were losing alot with that empty space that could well become a possible 99c Store? or other variety store
Cook, told me,i must discuss with the property owner- to see. Idea was laid to rest. Now, hearing that the restaurant went Vietenniese- that may do it? Only if they keep it clean, tasty and reasonable. Some are not enthused, since it shares kitchen with chinese part.
Wish them good luck-

Anonymous said...

I love their Vietnamese sandwiches fresh out of the oven. For 5 bucks, I have awesome lunch breaks here. The house special, chicken, bbq pork, beef, and vegetarian were all good but my favorite was the bbq pork hands down. My mom always asks for me to bring her back a house special. I've tried many Vietnamese sandwiches places before but I can never get enough of their sandwiches. Just something amazing about the warm toasty bread that it's served in.