Friday, March 04, 2011

After The Snow, Snowdrops In A Carroll Gardens Yard

Photo By Dinah Gieske
photo credit:Dinah Gieske

Yesterday, when I posted the photos of the crocuses blooming in my yard, I asked others to please send me other signs of spring around the neighborhood. Reader Dinah responded by sending me this gorgeous photo of snowdrops that are blooming in her garden right now. She writes:
These hardy little beauties came up in our front yard about two weeks ago. The blooms last for a remarkably long time. They are always the first sign of impending spring to me, but I don't consider them signs that spring is here, as they come up in February. They always surprise me: suddenly, in the dregs of winter, flowers are coming up in my yard! I marvel at how they come up in the cold and last through intense cold snaps. There's a life lesson there, I'm sure.
I agree. After this winter in the city, I think we can all take a lesson from the small snowdrop.


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