Friday, March 04, 2011

Remembering Latticini Barese

On Hicks near Union

On Hicks near Union

For decades, Latticini Barese at 138 Union Street had the best fresh mozzarella in the neighborhood, hands down. Their fresh ricotta was amazing as well. Joe Balzano Sr.'s deli closed back in 2002, leaving many in the neighborhood pining for his cheese and sandwiches. The New York Times even dedicated an article to it when it closed its doors.
Every time I cross the B.Q.E. at Union Street, I look up and see the fading, chipping sign and think of the place.
Does anyone remember it and miss it as well?



Concetta said...

Yes! I remember the aroma of cheese and sticking my hands deep into the barrels of dried beans (when i was still a bambina). Thanks for reminding me Katia.

Anonymous said...

You know, I never went in there...ever. But the Ricotta place is still there on Hicks. I used to Go To Amiche's on Henry and Union for Sandwiches. Even when I went to Ferdinando's I never went into Barese. I love the sign. I hope they never paint over it...ever.

Katia said...

I know. That would indeed be a sad day.
So, the ricotta place on Hicks is still open? The one between Union and President?
I don't think I have ever walked by while the door was open.

Anonymous said...

I live on Summit street, off Columbia, and we miss it dearly! we always used to go and get their Italian combo sandwich which we called a "John's Sandwich" after the owner. We still refer Italian heros only by that name. We go to Defonte's now, which is an amazing sandwich shop, but we really miss Latticini Barese! Pretty sure he moved the business out to Jersey, hope he's doing well.