Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: Theft Isn't Uncommon In Our Neighborhood

"The writer of that note seems to take a big leap in assuming whoever stole the stroller lives in the neighborhood. Secondly, this is far from the worst thing to happen in CG in the last couple of years. That radio DJ was murdered in his apartment a year or so ago and that was right here in Carroll Gardens. Also, one year ago this month there was that gay bashing incident that happened on Luqour st. Two people were also mugged in the Carroll St stop in the last year both during the morning rush hour commute.

Check the crime blotter, theft isn't uncommon in our neighborhood as some people think."



Anonymous said...

THANK GOSH, someone finally said what I was going tpo write. People think that if they pay a price for a nice home there will be no crime. There is crime everywhere even in Mayberry. Yes, I am sure for all who get ripped off there is that surge of anger and frustration and a need to seize the person responsible. A murder is one thing and sorry, a stroller theft is another...get over it and buy a new one..On Craigslist! :) Think of all those people in Japan and relax...

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are going to park a jaguar unattended in the streets of NYC, then what are you complaining about? ;-)