Monday, March 07, 2011

Free Spring Concerts At The Fall Café On Smith Street




Amidst so many pretentious new places on Smith Street, one has to love the Fall Café, with its mismatched tables, chairs and sagging couches. On any given day, the place is packed with freelancers working away at their computers. The little coffee house not only serves up good cappuccinos and good breakfast, but also serves as a rotating gallery for local artists. And since owner Henry is a musician as well as a really nice guy, he showcases area musicians, who perform for free in the space on a regular basis. This March, the Fall Café has scheduled three different events. Don't miss them.

March 12th
Andrea Lee & Andrew Viadeck

March 19th
The Poison Tree, Georgiana and David Nagler

March 26
Caithlin De Marrais, Chris McFarland & Lindsay Sullivan

All shows are free
All start at 7 PM

Fall Café
307 Smith Street

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