Monday, March 07, 2011

Who's Leaving Leftovers At Clarett's 340 Court Street Site?

Clarett Site, 340 Court Street

Union Street Side of Clarett Site

pita bread/tortillas?

Over, the week-end, I received an email from Reader Molly who sent the photos above of food dumped on the Union Street side of the Clarett site. Molly writes:
I've been noticing over the last couple of months that someone in the area has been leaving leftover food from a restaurant/bakery near the vacant lot at 340 Court Street on the Union Street side. Perhaps that person thinks they are doing a good thing feeding birds/animals in the area, this is only going to attract more rodents to the vacant lot, causing lots of issues for those of us who live on the block. I was convince it was coming from one of the nearby bakeries until I saw what looks like a taco there the other day.
The empty pit at the end of our block is bad enough, please don't add rats (or worse!) to it!

Pretty disgusting, all right. Has anyone else noticed these left-overs or even seen the person(s) responsible?


Michael Brown said...

Seems like the work of the same guy who throws food into the Transit Garden.

Katia said...

Hi Michael, I had no idea that was happening as well. We have had issues like that off and on in Carroll Park. Probably some well meaning person thinking that they need to feed stray cats, but feeds rats instead.

Anonymous said...

Yikes re Congress Street traffic pattern! Please do a post on this

cait said...

I live on Union Street and constantly see this reappearing pile of moldy food. I've never seen tacos -- just breads and bagels. It's disgusting.

c svanes kolding said...

i walk past this same spot more or less every day and see bagels... primarily bagels... always by the same tree trunk...

Anonymous said...

Cars at night love to toss trash on my corner. I busted one person by fishing out their crumpled up mail and mailing them a note about it.
That bagel pile is too far away from the curb to be a car throw. Maybe this is the same person who throws away BOOKS all the time in the garbage pail. I figure, when that Pranga Bookshop won't take their books, they just toss them. 1997 guide to Mexico anyone?

Anonymous said...

I live on the block. This has actually been the case for a few years since the blue wall went up. Clearly at times it is Caputo's bread even Caputo's bags. I went to the bakery over a year ago to complain. The owner said it was poeple digging in Caputo's trash and carrying it away to that spot. It is very possible the mexican food was also in thier trash. At the time I asked him to please try to dispose of it better and I asked the guys at the Claret site to be aware and try to clean it up. It did happen a little less freqently but more recently its really bad again. Is it an issue for Dept of Sanitation/311?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the lame 311, I must admit that that service finally came thru or was a coincedence, not sure. I have ben complaining about the house 2 doors away from DIEGO for YEARS. They feel that they are above the trash laws and just let it pile up for weeks, don't recyle, lazy tenants barbeque in the yard and walk buy non-plussed by their piles of trash. etc etc. One day I was walking by and a sanitation worker was slapping a ticket on them! It still took days for them to actually sort their trash,albiet they but glass and paper in one bag... but, maybe this time they will actually start doing it right. And with warm weather approaching I'm not into another summer of smelling and seeing their rotting trash.