Thursday, March 03, 2011

It Took A While, But Work On Former Bonafide Deli Space Almost Completed







Back in September 2010, work began on the charming store that once housed the former Bonafide Delicatessen at 404 Henry Street. The space was being transformed into an eating and drinking establishment according to permits from the NYC Department of Building. In addition, the entire storefront was being replaced, which, this being Cobble Hill, meant that the Landmarks Commission had to approve of the work.

However, the project quickly ran into problems with the D.O.B. when it was determined that the work being done was contrary to the documents filed with the agency.
A Stop Work Order was issued almost immediately and several violations were noted.
However, the S.W.O. was rescinded in January and it appears that progress has been made since then. The scaffolding has been removed recently, revealing the new 'historically correct' storefront. I must say, it looks amazing.

Does anyone know what type of restaurant will occupy the space once all the work is completed?

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Anonymous said...

I heard it will be a coffee/bagel/deli kinda of place

It was supposed to open like 3-4 months when discussed with 1 worker on site...

Katia said...

I could imagine that would do quite well across the street from PS 29. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

thankfully it looks nice. the details.