Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn Is Coming To Carroll Gardens Tonight To Speak About Parking


NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Yes, it's that time in the election cycle again! Our NYC officials are starting to campaign by making the rounds in neighborhoods that they haven't visited since the last time they needed votes.
Tonight, NYC Councilwoman and Speaker Christine Quinn will be attending the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association meeting to talk about parking issues in our neighborhood.
(It would seem that she would like to run for mayor)

More interesting, Vincent Joseph, friend and member of the Union-Sackett Block Association, will speak about the future of the Clarett project at 340 Court Street, now that the developer has withdrawn from the New York real estate market.

Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association Meeting
March 23 at 7 PM to 9 PM
P.S. 58/ The Carroll School
Smith Street between First Place and Carroll Streets
Entrance on Carroll Street



Anonymous said...

Ha! Katia, you crack me up :)

Katia said...

Isn't it true though? Why would she want to come to us all of a sudden to talk about parking in Carroll Gardens?

I bet our former Councilman De Blasio will be visiting us as well. I bet he is going to run for mayor. (By the way, now that he is Public Advocate, one hardly hears from him.)

Cynthia said...

If this were really about parking wouldn't our own city councilman be better euipped to speak about parking in CG?

I hope we get some more appealing candidates for mayor.

Kelly said...

Just found this online.

Quinn proposes changing Alternate Side Parking rules:

I guess this is her election platform.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope she surprises us with BIKE parking! Imagine...

Katia said...

Maybe she will even ride a bike over the Brooklyn Bridge tonight to come to the meeting.
Or do you think she will take the subway?

Somehow, I think she will get here in a huge dark 4x4 with tinted windows.

Landlord said...

Vincent (like most newbies) only get involved with the community when something affects them (like the upcoming construction of a building that will block HIS light/view)!

Katia said...

Wrong! Vince has lived in the neighborhood for a very long time and I have personally worked with him on many issues regarding Carroll Gardens.
Thankfully, he took the lead on 340 Court Street when the community needed a voice.

Landlord said...

Vincent is a newbie, Katia. He is NOT an oldtimer. AND, the proposed building WILL block his view/light. Please, it is, what it is.

Katia said...

So, Landlord, how long does one have to live here to not be considered a newbie, in your opinion.
I have been here for 25 years. Am I a newbie?

Landlord said...

Sorry to say this Katia, but yes, you are newbie. No offense.

Katia said...

Ha! I knew it. No offense taken, Landlord.

carol gardener said...

dangit, how can i find out about these sorts of meetings before they happen? is there some kind of carroll gardens association mailing list? and if so, how do i get on it?

Kelly said...

Hi Carol Garden,
You can of course always find this sort of info here, but the CGNA has a list server. You can sign up here.

I'll post notes from the meeting with video tomorrow morning.

BevD said...

Interesting- Why havent you mentioned what else was discussed at the meeting- Topic- Landmarking- Phase 1 Phase 2
How 4 meetings have been attended without the neighborhood being aware of these meetings?
How the sore eye Union-Sackett St project-Clarett Group-no longer-Who will be the new potential buyer? We should look out- for what the new buyer-what will be the status-ripping out what is it-out of 2 years- the newley placed foundation of about 1year and half or more? Will it be blasted out to place in a new foundation- with these weather hazards and conditions we have had so far in Red Hook/Carroll Gardens?