Monday, March 07, 2011

Two8Two, Newest Nabe Hamburger Joint, Opening This Month On Atlantic Avenue





Hamburger joints are multiplying in the neighborhood as fast as Thai restaurants did a few years ago. The burger craze has gripped Smith and Court Street and there are a few more burger establishments in the works. Vinzee's Magic Fountain is opening up on Court and First Place and Moo Burger Barn will be serving organic beef burgers out of 240 Court Street, a space once occupied by a Chinese restaurant.
Joining them is burger bar Two8Two at 282 Atlantic Avenue, right across from the former jail. A notice in the window states that the eatery will be opening this month.

What do you think of this new cardiac overload phenomenon?



Frederick_F said...

But when, oh when, will we get a decent Indian restaurant?

Katia said...

Agreed. Our local Indian places are nothing to brag about.