Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vinzee's Magic Fountain, Carroll Gardens Newest Hamburger Joint, Gets A New Sign And Its S.W.O. Lifted

taken by Jeff S.

Photos courtesy of Jeff S.

The opening of Vinzee's Magic Fountain, the new hamburger joint coming to 408-412 Court Street, was delayed when the renovation of the space was halted by the NYC Department of Building with a stop work order. That has now been lifted and it probably won't be long before the place will open its doors. And just in the last few days, a sign has been put up.

Reader Jeff S. sent me the photos above and wrote : "My wife and I were just out for a walk and noticed Vinzee's Magic Fountain has hung up a sign. It truly looks ... "magical"?"
That sign does look a bit hokey. Many of you readers weren't wild about the name of the place last time I posted about it and quite a few commented on the stark white fa├žade.

According to its facebook page, "Vinzee’s Magic Fountain is a fast casual restaurant with an American style cuisine and wonderful ice cream desserts! We use fresh ingredients provided by local distributors and our products are all eco-friendly."
No menu has been posted yet.


Anonymous said...

that sign is too small for the facade. Should be longer. Too many typeface styles and silly notch-cut corners make it try to look like it's carved from wood. And what is that i supposed to be? a Magic Wand?? Oh well. If they are trying to look like Columbus Ave..they have succeeded. With all the money they are spending why skimp on the details? I hope they have a great business, but, it doesn't appeal to me.

Landlord said...

The icecream cone "I' looks like a dagger.

BevD said...

White facade look tacky- A malted mocha cocoa shade on the outside wouldh have looked more appetizing.
Their look is not turning heads, but turning off the look of Court Street. Blending with the other businesses. Their sign is far too small- pointed dagger cone is way too small-other part where there is an explosive of hamburger w desserts-rest of the sign, should have had a rainbow of flavors-hmmmm
Oh well, it doesnt give me a hopping heartbeat of joy-yet?
Hopefully, wish they will have a soda fountain- tasty delicioso ice cream sodas, etc banana splits, hmmm? Tasty yummy hamburgers with interesting toppings?

Anonymous said...

The white facade is pretty dull. Especially since they used the wrong paint on the outside, all the paint is chipped off the metal - looks terrible. I have to say, i'm happy it's not another Italian or Thai restaurant, but "Vinzee's" as a name is absolutely dreadful. Two thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are all set to turn yet another Carroll Gardens front garden into an outdoor dining area.