Tuesday, April 12, 2011

El Cibao On Smith Street Re-Opens After Renovation






El Cibao, the Dominican restaurant at 172 Smith Street was closed recently for some major remodeling. The brand new interior looks much brighter and inviting and is much more in step with other Smith Street eateries. The decor now features tin ceilings, exposed brick, new lighting and a slate water fountain. Even the store front has gotten a facelift.
The prices at this eatery are still a relative bargain. A chicken or roast pork sandwich is only $5.50, side dishes like fried green plantains are $3 to$4 and the milk shakes or Frozen fruit drinks are $3. The best deal, however, has to be the $2 flan.
Not bad for Smith Street.



bigmissfrenchie said...

So happy that they renovated. I was worried that they weren't going to last amidst all of the tony places that have opened around it. Also glad that their prices haven't changed and the place looks great.

Cynthia said...

I walked by the other day and wondered what happened to Ciboa. Glad to see that they are still here although we are partial to El Nuevo Portal. I make no apologies for being a carnivore and needing a cubano fix. I will give Ciboa a try.

I also noticed there was a new shoe repair place - across the street from Soula. Finally, a new business that is practical.

Frederick_F said...

This looks most promising! I haven't had the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at Ciboa, but this evening I will.

Anonymous said...

It's Cibao, not Ciboa.

Katia said...

Thanks for the correction. You are right of course. Just changed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh well.
If Nueva Portal does this, too, there goes the neighborhood...I understand the need to compete, but, it looks like a theme park. Fake Dominican. And someone has made it rich selling those glass paned fa├žades every new place is using. I still like them but sad they felt the need to Disney-fy.