Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Call For Absolut's 'Brooklyn Edition'! In Case You Are Interested...




It was exactly a year ago that Absolut Vodka released its forth city-inspired flavor, 'Absolut Brooklyn.' The limited edition was created in collaboration with fimmaker Spike Lee and featured a specially-designed bottle.
Both Absolut and Lee were criticized by local bloggers and media for taking advantage of Brooklyn pride and for plastering their brownstone stoop ads all over some of the poorer neighborhoods of the borough, where alcohol abuse is a serious problem.

Controversy aside, designing a vodka around 'Brooklyn' has apparently been a success. The red apple and ginger- flavored vodka has outsold some of the other city-inspired versions. ('Absolut Boston' didn't do very well.) But Absolut Brooklyn is about to be retired. The final batch has been shipped to liquor stores and once its sold, it won't be available any more. Scotto's Wine Cellar on Court Street has secured 10 cases, so if you are interested, you can pick a bottle up from there.

Wouldn't you love to know whether Absolut Brooklyn did well right here in Brooklyn or if most of the bottles sold in places like the Jersey Shore or Boise, Idaho.



Anonymous said...

That stuff sucks. I like the idea, I like vodka, I like Absolut, I like Absolut ads usually but this... this was BAD. The image on the bottle was bad, the vodka was awful and the whole thing was embarrassing as far as I am concerned. I was hoping to buy many bottles to give to friends as "cool" presents but after tasting it there was no way man. said...

Do you have by chance any of the bottles left?