Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cobble Hill Association To Host Green Events This Saturday


Friend Paco from the Cobble Hill Association has forwarded me information on three green events held in the neighborhood this Saturday. Read on:

Electronics Recycling, Plant Sale, & the Brooklyn Bike Fest!
Saturday, April 30th, 2011

From 10am to 4pm, PS 29 & the Cobble Hill Association are hosting the Lower East Side Ecology's Electronics Recycling Event. We've spared tons (literally) of e-waste from landfills and hope to have the same success this time around. Grab those old computers, cameras, cell phone and properly dispose of them with us.

Then, walk over to Cobble Hill Park for the Cobble Hill Tree Fund's Annual Plant Sale, from 10:30AM to 3PM. Annuals, tomatoes, geraniums, hanging baskets, and a variety of perennials will all be available. There'll also be plant/tree identification activities for children in the park.

Still want more green in your day? Saturday, from 10 am - 4 pm, at Brooklyn Bridge Park will be the first-ever Five Boro Bike Fest.

This free, family-friendly event is open to the public and features live entertainment, classes, bike repair, and an expo with demos and giveaways. The Bike Fest is part of a fun-filled weekend that kicks off
Bike Month.

Activities at Bike Fest
*10:30 Wear a helmet *10:30 Fix-a-flat *11:00 Use your gears *11:30 How to buy a bicycle *11:30 Chain maintenance *12:00 Adjust your bike for a comfortable ride *12:30 Stretching for cyclists *12:30 Fix-a-flat *1:00 Fuel up--gels, bars, beans, oh my! *1:30 How to buy a bicycle *1:30 Commute by bicycle *2:30 Use your gears *2:30 Fix-a-flat *3:00 Chain maintenance *3:30 Adjust your bike for a comfortable ride



Michael Brown said...

YES! ANOTHER post about Cobble Hill! How I love reading your Carroll Gardens blog!

Katia said...

Really, Michael?
My site clearly indicates that I cover Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and Beyond.
It's right under the title.

I would think that 'beyond' includes Cobble Hill.

Michael Brown said...

Just (lightly) poking a little fun at all of the Cobble Hill coverage lately!

I have a Carroll Gardens inferiority complex regarding Cobble Hill.

Katia said...

You shouldn't. Carroll Gardens rules. And just to prove it, I just posted the info on the Third Street Stoop Sale.