Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spiffy Brochure, 360 Degree Views And Steep Rental Prices At 360 Smith Street








Brochure images and renderings via 360 Smith Street

360 Smith Street +70 feet= 360 degree views. Get it?

Someone forwarded me the entire rental brochure for 360 Smith Street, the almost completed, quite controversial 70 foot building at the corner of 2nd Place and Smith Street.
According to an agent, there are no rental fees, the first month is free and utilities, except for electricity, are free as well.
Sounds good, but the rental fees are rather steep.
*Apartment G, a1,092 sf two bedroom, two bath apartment facing Smith Street goes for about $3,800 on the second floor to about $4,150 on the fourth floor.
*Apartment type A, also two-bedroom, 2-bath, is slightly bigger at 1,105 sf. It faces Second Place and costs $3,995 for the 2 second floor and $4,200 for the third floor.
*The J line penthouse at 1613 sf facing 2nd Place will rent from$5, 750 on the second floor to $6,050 on the third floor.

The rest of the brochure offers some photos of the area, some exaggerated renderings of the front of the building and of the rooftop, as well as some platitudes about our neighborhood, including this gem:"A close-knit community of long-time Carroll Gardens residents who warmly greet you from their 19th century garden brownstones."
One neighborhood friend chuckled when I read this last part of the brochure out loud. "Yeah!" she said "We have a special greeting here in the neighborhood. But it takes two hands..." (It's also called the Italian salute)

And one more thing....An eagle-eyed reader spotted someone who looked suspiciously like Bill Stein, the original developer of 360 Smith Street, standing in front of the site. It had been rumored that Stein was out of this deal, but he may still be involved.
Stein once told the Carroll Gardens community that he would occupy the penthouse apartment of 360 Smith Street because his wife "loved" the neighborhood.
Well, if that is still the case and he is moving in, lets all remember to greet him warmly (not) from our brownstones. Remember! Use two hands...
Is this Bill Stein (gray hair) standing in front of 360 Smith Street?


Just got some additional plans and details for 360 Smith Street from a PMFA reader.
He writes:
Here are the renderings for the penthouses. They are all priced north of $7m per month.
The apartments are nice but not too well thought out. The bedrooms are on the smallish size (with the last bedrrom begin tiny) and there is an oversize a/c unit that takes up a lot of space. I did not think they were nice enough for the rents that they are asking. It will be very interesting to see if the Carroll Gardens residents will be willing to pony up these kind of $’s.
There are storage units on each floor. They are ridiculously priced @ $200 per month
There is indoor parking available, which is a pretty awesome feature

The roof deck has stellar view. Literally 360 views that take your breath away. However, the idea of a playground up there is probably not too well thought out.




Brochure images and renderings via 360 Smith Street



Michael Brown said...

Bring back the rat-infested parking lot!

M said...

So, no more Oliver House name?
And, boy, I'd rush to a neighborhood that puts that fake Italian place, Espositos, as a selling point. OK OK don't get all huffy. It's just those guys have never ever been to Italy! They do make a good sausage in any event..Anyway, that brochure is shameless nut I must admit it all could have been 10000 times worse. What's that you say? The Edge in Williamsburg? Yes I agree.

M said...

I won't be warmly greeting anyone. What is this, Colonial Williamsburg? Hahaha. Whatever. Would you like a biscotti while you park your Range Rover?

Anonymous said...

Is that plaza shown here an example of what the city is calling "Green Infrastructure?

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how the rendered picture of the building has the brownstone to the left reaching the top of the second floor when it really reaches the top of the third

Anonymous said...

The rendering of the little plaza in front is way out of proportion.

Rob said...

You know, I think a lot of these buildings are aimed at bringing people into Carroll Gardens, no so much at the people who already live here. Nothing wrong with that, but obviously it seems aimed at people who don't know the neighborhood that well.

Secondly, while people seem to think the rents are high they're not really out of line for new construction rentals around South and Downtown Brooklyn. They're slightly higher than the Brooklyner which is a full service building but this building has some advantages the Brooklyner doesn't For one, it sits in an already established neighborhood vs. Downtown Brooklyn which is still in an early transition phase. Secondly, it sits right on top of the subway to boot. It's also new with each unit having full appliances and central air. Trying to find an apt in Carroll Gardens with central air, dishwasher and launry in your unit it gets pretty slim.

Anonymous said...

And you'd also be paying for the privilege of being vibrated right out of bed when the F & G trains enter and leave the station in the middle of the night....

Jeff of 3rd St. said...

The only thing I like about this building is that they built a garage as parking can be challenging enough with all the commuters flooding the hood every morning to take the F.

Speaking of the F, when are they going to open that subway entrance again?

I'm really hoping that the vibrations of the subway will cause 360 to collapse. The building never should have been built and looked better before they removed the scaffolding.

concetta said...

get over it people. stop wishing the bldg will fall down too.

SJ said...

They built a garage and illegally made a cub cut and turned another Carroll Gardens garden into a concrete driveway.

There is nothing to celebrate in this building.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how those renters of those high priced apts react to the kids that hang out there after school.
There will be trouble in river city....

Anonymous said...

rents aren't that high compared to other new buildings. plus, not everyone in Brooklyn wants a creaky floored, porous windowed brownstone with "character". A/C, elevator, gym, W/D, etc are pretty nice amenities that you basically can't find around here unless you buy a brownstone for $2MM and then gut it. I won't begrudge anyone choosing to live in there, they'll be pretty average apartment renters in the area, unlike the super rich scooping up brownstones for ungodly sums.

Anonymous said...

If newbies don't like the "character" of the housing stock in Carroll Gardens they should find another place to live.

Anonymous said...

What a shame Mimi that you feel the need to diss the Esposito family!
Do you know the family and its history in this neighborhood? This hardworking and loving family has nothing to prove to you or anyone else!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a soon-to-be tenant of this monolith that many of you hope will crumble either via act of god, subway, or negative commentary.

How are the tenants of this building any different than someone who purchases a brownstone and guts it? In fact, having not plunked $3mil into a home and shackling myself to a mortgage will give me all the more opportunity to spend it in the neighborhood.

By the way, the building does not vibrate when the train passes through.

Jill said...

espositos haven't even been to turkey! (their mom was turkish) so does that mean their food isn't 'authentic'? what are you saying?

Anonymous said...

are they ever going to open the subway entrance or is it planned to keep it closed so their construction workers can take a break and sit in the shade and gawk at the girls that are walking by?