Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group Ratifies Charter


Operating Procedure Committee members:
From L to R: Craig Hammerman, Rita Miller, Steven Miller

CAG Neutral Facilitator: Jeff Edelstein
Natalie Loney of the EPA addressing the CAG


The April meeting of the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group (CAG) took place at Metro Tech last night and foremost on the agenda was the ratification of the proposed charter presented by the Operating Procedure Committee.
Since the CAG has been operating without a framework since its formation, it was recognized that a Charter was a high priority, not only to make the CAG more productive but also to give it more stability and predictability.
Operating Procedure Committee members Rita Miller, Craig Hammerman, Maria Pagano and Steven Miller worked not only long hours but long days on producing a carefully crafted document that stresses community involvement, inclusiveness and is devoid of hierarchy.
It also aims at striking a fair balance between progress and process.

The draft was presented by Craig Hammerman, followed by a question and answer period.
The CAG members in attendance then voted.
The Charter was ratified with a "YES" vote by 23 of the 27 members present at the meeting.

To read the entire CAG Charter, click here.

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Anonymous said...

The more interesting aspect of this story is that there was barely a quorum present and that the overwhelming majority in attendance had merely skimmed the document and some had not yet had time to even look at the revised version.

Anonymous said...

Can the Advisory Group tell me if my property is within the Superfund designation? When does EPA plan to let our community know the boundary of the Superfund and the resources available cleanup of property within the Superfund?

Anonymous said...

Interesting... I didn’t think that the current CAG members needed hand-holding to be responsible? I thought their generous time and commitment in being a member was a given at conception?

As a mere public member very much interested in the thorough cleanup of the Gowanus Canal, I have received and read many emails and minutes from the CAG meetings just to be informed. When I received a copy of the draft charter, I read that line by line, word by word because I felt strongly that the group needed some order/”rules” to avoid chaos among themselves. I needed them to become that unified, strong voice for us all, which meant that the operating committee was on the right track in making that happen. I even attended the open house meeting at CB6 where the operating committee members were graciously receptive of my input even though I wasn’t a member. The final charter is so much clearer and balance with still one objection that they were too lenient with attendance. But...I can understand why! I have been noticing fewer member attendees at the committee and general meetings. Of those who have been consistent, I do personally admire and respect their commitment and thank them many times over for being there for us.