Monday, April 25, 2011

Greetings From The Carroll Park Bocce Guys




From left to right:
Angelo Licata, Ralph Lubrono, Giovani Romano, Mario Feola, Nuncio Illiano and Giuseppe Coppola

What would Carroll Gardens be without Carroll Park. And, honestly, what would Carroll Park be without the Italian gentlemen who gather in the bocce court on sunny days?
Now that the weather has improved, they are back for another season at their favorite neighborhood spot.

To Angelo Licata, Ralph Lubrono, Giovani Romano, Mario Feola, Nuncio Illiano and Giuseppe Coppola, thanks for posing and for allowing me to take your photo.



Anonymous said...

OMG Thank you. I love those guys.

landlord said...

What do you love about 'those guys'? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Anon 8:50 am, but perhaps I can answer landlord's question. "Those guys" are part of a decades-old neighborhood culture and way of life that is slowly disappearing. Once they're gone, I doubt very much that there will be anyone else coming up to take their places. As a life-long resident of CG, I know what Anon 8:50 am is talking about.

landlord said...

I too am a carroll gardens 'lifer'. I ask the question because I feel that 'our people' are simply for the amusement for newbies. I feel that they snicker & sneer at the old timers. They want to tell their families back in pennysultucky how hardcore & 'real' carroll gardens is, but I don't think they are sincere.

Anonymous said...

Landlord, I'm Anon 10:37. I don't know where the original poster's "love" comes from -- whether it's sincere or otherwise -- but I love those guys because, among other things, they remind me of my grandfather and his generation. My grandfather was one of the men who carried the statue of St. Rosalia through the streets surrounding Sacred Heart/St. Stephen's for the saint's feast day in late summer 50 years ago. Although I'm not a fan of religious street processions, it was a culture that defined a way of life that has just about disappeared in CG. I'm sure you know what I mean. Nonethless, I remember those days fondly, and those Italian bocce players are the only ones left who actually experienced and embody those days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Landlord,

I'm not either of the previous posters but I also love the Bocce contingent. My affection for them is not of the snicker and sneer variety. I'm sorry you've experienced that in our neighborhood. My feeling is, these guys know more than I'll ever know and have seen more than I'll ever see, and I have so much respect for that. As a group, they are so engaging, funny and fun to watch and talk to. And I love seeing them approach their game with seriousness but humor too.

Since it seems important to you, I have lived in CG for 10 years (so a relative newcomer) and don't wear tight pants.

Anonymous said...

What's even better is when I pass by these gentleman and hear them speaking Italian (or related dialect), and I understand exactly what they're saying..and they have no idea that I know!

landlord said...

to anon 10:31, i don't care what you (or anyone else) wears. i just don't like the attitude of the recent (post 9-11) transplants. if the newbies were anything like you, i wouldn't have a problem!

Anonymous said...

One of those "Bocce Guys" is my dad. these guys have been in this neighborhood for over 60 years. they remember when NY was a rat infested crap hole, but South Brooklyn (Carrol Gardens) remained a safe haven. everyone knew everyone, and the kids would get chastised by other peoples parents for acting out. That would never happen today. Funny story about these guys..... They often go to Coney island together in the summer to swim, and get mussels off the rocks, during the 2003 blackout the F train wasn't running. They were gonna walk back to the hood from the beach (at 75-80 years old) they went 2 miles.... until they flagged down a car service and paid $60 bucks to get home.

Becky Malaria said...

Ha! Love that story!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking, but i haven't seen any signs of activity around the bocce court this year. Is the group of players still active?

Katia said...

They mostly gather to talk these days. Not much bocce playing going on. It really is quite sad.