Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's Christmas In April On Smith Street....Update!



No, you aren't dreaming. And yes, these are Christmas lights you see strung across Smith April. Just as the daffodils are blooming, the trees budding and everyone is awakening from a long winter slumber, Director Gary Marshall throws us back (or forward, if you prefer) to the holiday season. He is shooting his new film "New Year's Eve" on Smith Street at Douglass this Friday. The scene is supposed to take place on a spot where a restaurant burned down long ago.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And have a happy New Year.

I was just informed by a reliable source that shooting may take place on Thursday night instead because of the weather forecast. Sarah Jessica Parker & Josh Duhamel in the Smith Street scene

The former Banania/ Carnicheria On Smith becomes Jolie Cantina for one day of shooting.

A billboard for the fictional La Gambina Pizzeria

In the movie, the pizzeria burned down.
This flier announces the closing of the fictional eatery.



SashaK said...

That's so funny! I noticed these just the other night and thought "That's weird. Did they just put those up or have I not noticed they've been here since the holidays?" Glad I'm not going crazy. :)

Rob said...

Maybe I'm remembering this wrong but I don't think Smith St has any decorations hanging across the street around xmas. I think a few light posts were decorated but that was about it. Maybe we can get them to donate the props so we'll actually have them this coming year?

Katia said...

Great idea, Rob. And you are right, Smith Street just had green garlands on the light posts with big red bows.
And Sasha, that was my initial reaction, too.

Cynthia said...

I thought I the same thing too - that the decorations had been up there for months and I never noticed.

It would be nice if Smith Street did have these decorations up during the holidays but it costs money and well... I don't think all of them want to contribute and some of them really can't afford to.

Joe Nardiello said...

You know, Katia there's just 6 months to go - till Christmas shopping season (which encroaches Summer/Fall) anyway...

mikesorgatz said...

I was wondering what the deal was with that mural!

Sarah said...

I love that the empty storefronts between Degraw and Douglass are actually looking decent for once too! Smith Street is definitely looking nicer than it does at Christmas time.

Who Moved my Birkin said...

I thought something was up! There have been so many movies being filmed in our neighborhood lately!! its crazy