Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shelsky's Smoked Fish To Brink Lower East Side To Smith Street




"No more schlepping for your smoked salmon and herring fix! Shelsky's Smoked Fish is coming to Brownstone Brooklyn!"

Get ready for Shelsky's. The new grocery is bringing smoked fish and herring to 251 Smith Street "with a nod to the traditional Lower East Side." The little storefront is right next to Oaxaca and once housed Handmade, a gift boutique.
No further details are available yet on Shelsky's web site or on their brand new Facebook and Twitter pages, so stay tuned.

Think this will do well on Smith Street?



R.Robot said...

I initially answered "YES!" and then I realized I've been getting my smoked salmon from FishTales on Court for the last couple of months. Also, don't all the young kids get their lox from TraderJoes these days?

Frederick_F said...

Good lox may be readily available at several locations, but I am looking forward to other types of smoked, cured and otherwise preserved fish. As for herring, it will be wonderful to get herring from somewhere else than IKEA.

landlord said...

Finally, something I can sink my teeth into! Let the 'young kids' go to crappy joes--what do they know anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget my Brooklyn-born father's lack of excitement when I told him that I was moving from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. Growing up hearing stories about our family Bakery, stick ball games, and other Brooklyn-esqe tales, I was anticipating a level of enthusiasm one is privy to when 'returning to your roots'. One American Apparel and a handful of overpriced cocktail bars later, I now understand why.

With pickled herring, lox, and whitefish salad (?!) coming to Smith Street, I have the feeling my family will be coming to Brooklyn a whole lot more.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful !!!! i go to Fairway but will try this for sure

Note that lox means heavily salted smoked salmon from the belly area of the fish. Means that only.

Nova is usual thing people buy. I like Gaspe, as lowest salt prep.

NSF said...

As a tentant upstairs, I must say I'm concerned about the combination of taco meats and smoked fish. :( I wish them the best, but I'm NOT happy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! A smoked fish shop around the corner.
Open up quickly!